Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Welders.

“How is Amelia?” is currently the number one conversation starter as of late. Out of town friends, clients, friends of a friends, parents, sister, you name it, everyone wants to know.

Well everyone, I have GREAT NEWS...Amelia is patiently still hanging out in Westlake with her welding friends, Bill & Eric. She successfully has new rear end framing AND new marine board flooring where the once rotted bathroom floor was. Not only does she have the new frame and flooring, she also has been pretty well cleared out from all the old partitions, rusted fixtures, dry rotted pipes, dangerous electrical and leaking water much longer till we decorate? :)

Bill and Eric, assure me the worst part is done. This post goes out to this amazing father and son duo- good friends who without them would have made this project crippling. Bill always puts a a cheery positive spin on the project but keeps trying to get me to save all the old stuff. While Eric and I are enthusiastic about throwing out the old clunky boards in anticipation of the sleek new sailor styling that’s to come!

Thank you Bill for being Amelia's welder, you have fixed her boo boo’s and repaired her with love. Thanks to Eric for introducing me to his Dad and for keeping the project moving along. I am a lucky girl to have such great Cleveland friends. Deepest Thanks.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meet Walter

As a proud owner, I am part of an underlying "Airstream fraternity." Since "adopting" Amelia, I have been bumping into fellow enthusiasts all over town.

The other night I met these two brothers, Patrick and Walter who are taking their brand spanking new Airstream across the country on their "Million Dollar Road Trip." The trip celebrates entrepreneurship across the country, freedom of the road as well as a symbol of adventure.

Check out their blog and follow them on facebook, they are great fun and fellow lovers of the "silver bullet"

I got to ask Walter what Airstream meant to him....check it out!