Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Airstream Holidays!

My friend called me the other day to point out this outdoor lawn blowup. I don't want the blow up since the real deal is sitting in my backyard, but I will say I LOVE the idea of it.

Happy holiday season. Happy airstream!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall with Amelia

This evening I was outside raking a few leaves when I caught a glimpse of Amelia in the evening fall light. She looked very peaceful nestled in my driveway, at home in Ohio.

Happy fall, happy airstream, happy me!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Making her Debut

Amelia got all cleaned and dressed up for her coming out/debut Halloween party last weekend. Everyone enjoyed hanging out in her and including her in the festivities. Her tattered couch got covered with a pumpkin tablecloth, her doors and windows lined with sparkly lights (which are staying up for the holidays) her countertops covered with little bowls of candy corn to welcome her new friends.

Her frame work is done, now it's time to get on with the electrical and plumbing work. Then spring will be for the fun cosmetic things like cabinets, light fixtures, and upholstery. Baby steps are fine with me, I've been waiting for this project a long time.

Happy tricks and treats from me & Amelia!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Welders.

“How is Amelia?” is currently the number one conversation starter as of late. Out of town friends, clients, friends of a friends, parents, sister, you name it, everyone wants to know.

Well everyone, I have GREAT NEWS...Amelia is patiently still hanging out in Westlake with her welding friends, Bill & Eric. She successfully has new rear end framing AND new marine board flooring where the once rotted bathroom floor was. Not only does she have the new frame and flooring, she also has been pretty well cleared out from all the old partitions, rusted fixtures, dry rotted pipes, dangerous electrical and leaking water much longer till we decorate? :)

Bill and Eric, assure me the worst part is done. This post goes out to this amazing father and son duo- good friends who without them would have made this project crippling. Bill always puts a a cheery positive spin on the project but keeps trying to get me to save all the old stuff. While Eric and I are enthusiastic about throwing out the old clunky boards in anticipation of the sleek new sailor styling that’s to come!

Thank you Bill for being Amelia's welder, you have fixed her boo boo’s and repaired her with love. Thanks to Eric for introducing me to his Dad and for keeping the project moving along. I am a lucky girl to have such great Cleveland friends. Deepest Thanks.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meet Walter

As a proud owner, I am part of an underlying "Airstream fraternity." Since "adopting" Amelia, I have been bumping into fellow enthusiasts all over town.

The other night I met these two brothers, Patrick and Walter who are taking their brand spanking new Airstream across the country on their "Million Dollar Road Trip." The trip celebrates entrepreneurship across the country, freedom of the road as well as a symbol of adventure.

Check out their blog and follow them on facebook, they are great fun and fellow lovers of the "silver bullet"

I got to ask Walter what Airstream meant to him....check it out!


Friday, August 13, 2010

Vintage SALE (& design update)

During the process of researching for the Miss Amelia's transformation I have come across vintage reference left and right.

I meant to post this ad during the month of July, but cest la vie, mid-August isn't so bad. I just love that they were positioning the campers big summer SALE!!! Everyone loves a sale, right?

As an update Amelia is still at the "doctors" getting a major overall. Come to find out the floor was more rotted than anticipated, so add new sub floors to the list of repairs.

I've been traveling for work and have been influenced by these incredible southern homes, I think I've decided not to do the interiors in navy, white and yellow but instead replace the navy with a crisp stone gray. Hable Construction and Angela Adams are selling some amazing yellow and white fabrics which I'd like to explore. Also, I ordered some great formica samples, I'm thinking of lining the walls with a white, textured formica product. I have so many fun design possibilities available since it's such a ity bity space, the possibilities are endless!

Enjoy the ad...stay tuned for a construction, design update soon!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The good, the bad & the ugly!

So I went to meet with Mr. Welder this past week. He expressed his concern for me with regards to how much work Miss Amelia needs on her frame. Turns out the frame is WAY more rusted out than originally anticipated. Parts of the floor need to come up in order to access the new frame work necessary to ensure her safety. At one point in the conversation he said to me..."It's not to late to sell her and make a bit of profit, just for cleaning her up" me, it would be like giving up a kid. No way José...I gave the green light and sent them full speed ahead.

Next steps...pulling up the floor, buying new "channel" aluminum, replacing the back "trunk" (a make shift tool box that was once made from steel, that will be remade into aluminum, making it less heavy,) power washing the exterior, trying to pry off the covers of the water, power & waste hook ups..must get a lock smith involved, needs keys!

On a good note...the awning is in impeccable condition. The ombre light blue to teal hues are stunning and made all the rust worries vanish. It even has an adorable, completely in tact scalloped edge...I was thrilled!!!

Let's see what this week will have in store for Miss Amelia & me?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

NOT Amelia!

WOW, I must say, my recent adoption of Miss Amelia has been quite a wild ride. My friends have really rallied and people now associate the silver bullet with me. which I find quite exciting.

The other day my friend Shannon, (creative soul & owner of Stash Style) brought over an article from Romantic Homes Magazine about a woman who renovated her Land Yacht as her mobile boutique...Magnolia Pearl.

Anyways, the over the top fabric, vintage linens and lace was insane, everything I DON'T want Amelia to be...but I appreciate the reference anyways. Keep the inspiration coming my way!

Thanks for thinking of me Shan.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Coming home.

Today Amelia was rescued from Bristolville and is being towed West for some love and repairs. I HEART AAA for the great job they did in coordinating the actual towing of the trailer. Great customer service for sure. Thanks guys!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Etsy : Airstream Obsessed I

After spending the evening day reaming and searching aimlessly for anything Airstream... I discovered how many artists use the silver bullet as their muse. So many creative things, thought I would share with everyone! Enjoy.

Vintage Camper T-shirt by Zen Threads, Prints from Volume Twenty Five, Photo print from Sommer with Ano, Pen & Marker Poster Print by Adam Ambro, Airstream Print Pillows by Tilly 2 Shoes

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dreams to Reality.

Ever since I’ve been a young girl I’ve been intrigued by the idea of packing up and taking a trip across country. In search of treasures and adventure, I would load up my “silver bullet” and “set sail” into the unknown, no exact destination, no agenda, just me and the open road.

Well, as I have matured bit since those original dreams I haven’t lost my sense of adventure and yearning for a long weekend in an airstream. So here goes nothing.

Life is a series of choices, of ups and downs, of loving and loosing, of growing and experiencing. Tired of the expression, “there is always tomorrow,” I set my sights on Miss Amelia and am making my dream a reality, no more waiting around for this gal.

In just one month, I have learned a bunch about “RV’s” or “Campers.” I have joined AAA for their special towing capabilities. I have learned that my “Camper Insurance” will cover the vehicle that is actually doing the physical towing. I have discovered the value of a good welder and how invaluable he can be to a project such as this. Did you know that most
Walmarts will let you park you camper in their parking lot overnight free of charge? Random new knowledge.

I haven’t yet begun the demolition and yet I can’t sleep at night thinking about the endless interior design possibilities. So many interior design themes and challenges...stay tuned for an upcoming post.

I hope you will join me on an overnight or two, Amelia sleep 4 adults and one pug. If you’
ve got a hitch, we should chat. Happy camping!