Friday, June 10, 2011

Making (Amelia) Lovely!

A few days ago, one of my favorite blogs Making It Lovely posted a design plan + Amex Membership Rewards Points giveaway contest to the person who needed it most. I think that little Amelia the Airstream would be a both a wonderful small social space design plan challenge AND she certainly needs everything so any points would help!

(Her little exterior details are what makes her so sweet)

Amelia has recently been gutted and is currently one open space, but soon enough she will have a bathroom at one end, a small kitchenette and a few booth-like convertible seating to sleeping spaces.

(although I love vintage, I don't love moldy mess, this was the old interior)

(Here is the new rough floorplan, it's still in progress and could really use a sweet interior design touch!)

If chosen, a few things that my amex points could go towards, (with Nicole's permission of course!) might be....

A little under the counter fridge and white electric cooktop from Home Depot.

From outdoor living specialists; REI I would love two matching sleeping bags to store for those chilly camping nights. LOVE the gray diamond quilted ones. An adorable coffee percolator for over the campfire, a water storage container, and for fun rides around the campsite or on the beach a great cruiser bike.

Crate and Barrell has teeny tiny portable grille for smores on the go! A few folding chairs and tables would be perfect for making new campground friends. And don't forget these stylish utility totes for hauling campsite provisions to and from the general store.

Now for a final few fancy touches, I love (but can't afford) William Sonoma Homes nautical striped rug and fancy (maybe too fancy?) sunburst gold mirror.

So, wish me luck my friends. Any little help would be so welcome on this project of a lifetime. If nothing else, this post allowed me the time to "surf with purpose" I love online "dreaming-shopping," American Express Rewards Points has so many amazing offers, it was hard to narrow down my wishful wish-list!

And just think Nicole, I would love to drive her your way for a backyard overnight adventure. How fun!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Gutting Day!

Thank you to everyone who showed up in the cold and the rain to gut the camper. The good news is all of the pieces parts we put on the tree lawn were gone by sundown, that goodness for scrap metal.

(the kitchenette all pulled out, tree lawn bound)

She looks awesome, a blank canvas, ready for her makeover for sure.

Thanks to Sasha and Eric for doing most of the dirty work, thanks to Ben & Ben for assembling the new grille so we could barbeque in the garage and thanks to all those who stopped by to see the progress on the camper!

(Sasha drilling out tons of rivets!)

Most of all thanks to Amelia for being such a great sport and letting me work on the project of a lifetime! My dear, oh-dear Amelia. I hope you don't feel too violated having all those strangers come and rip your insides apart. You are about to have a total beauty makeover and for that you should be psyched!

Happy makeover!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Planning Stages.

We are moving right along and making plans. This past week was very exciting for Miss Amelia, she met with architect Brian K. and Historical Preservationist/General Contractor Andy C. and between the three of us...we have big plans. Currently working on the big Excel spreadsheet where we itemize all the expenses, determining where the TV really should be, and planning the "gutting party."

This summer is going to be filled with LOTS and LOTS of learning, but I am game for the adventure.
Happy Spring, Happy Amelia!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Winter for Amelia

A little winter love for Miss Amelia on snowy Valentines Day.

Love you shiny silver lady, your sparkle and shine look spectacular all covered in snow.
Spring is on it's way!