Wednesday, July 28, 2010

NOT Amelia!

WOW, I must say, my recent adoption of Miss Amelia has been quite a wild ride. My friends have really rallied and people now associate the silver bullet with me. which I find quite exciting.

The other day my friend Shannon, (creative soul & owner of Stash Style) brought over an article from Romantic Homes Magazine about a woman who renovated her Land Yacht as her mobile boutique...Magnolia Pearl.

Anyways, the over the top fabric, vintage linens and lace was insane, everything I DON'T want Amelia to be...but I appreciate the reference anyways. Keep the inspiration coming my way!

Thanks for thinking of me Shan.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Coming home.

Today Amelia was rescued from Bristolville and is being towed West for some love and repairs. I HEART AAA for the great job they did in coordinating the actual towing of the trailer. Great customer service for sure. Thanks guys!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Etsy : Airstream Obsessed I

After spending the evening day reaming and searching aimlessly for anything Airstream... I discovered how many artists use the silver bullet as their muse. So many creative things, thought I would share with everyone! Enjoy.

Vintage Camper T-shirt by Zen Threads, Prints from Volume Twenty Five, Photo print from Sommer with Ano, Pen & Marker Poster Print by Adam Ambro, Airstream Print Pillows by Tilly 2 Shoes

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dreams to Reality.

Ever since I’ve been a young girl I’ve been intrigued by the idea of packing up and taking a trip across country. In search of treasures and adventure, I would load up my “silver bullet” and “set sail” into the unknown, no exact destination, no agenda, just me and the open road.

Well, as I have matured bit since those original dreams I haven’t lost my sense of adventure and yearning for a long weekend in an airstream. So here goes nothing.

Life is a series of choices, of ups and downs, of loving and loosing, of growing and experiencing. Tired of the expression, “there is always tomorrow,” I set my sights on Miss Amelia and am making my dream a reality, no more waiting around for this gal.

In just one month, I have learned a bunch about “RV’s” or “Campers.” I have joined AAA for their special towing capabilities. I have learned that my “Camper Insurance” will cover the vehicle that is actually doing the physical towing. I have discovered the value of a good welder and how invaluable he can be to a project such as this. Did you know that most
Walmarts will let you park you camper in their parking lot overnight free of charge? Random new knowledge.

I haven’t yet begun the demolition and yet I can’t sleep at night thinking about the endless interior design possibilities. So many interior design themes and challenges...stay tuned for an upcoming post.

I hope you will join me on an overnight or two, Amelia sleep 4 adults and one pug. If you’
ve got a hitch, we should chat. Happy camping!