Sunday, August 1, 2010

The good, the bad & the ugly!

So I went to meet with Mr. Welder this past week. He expressed his concern for me with regards to how much work Miss Amelia needs on her frame. Turns out the frame is WAY more rusted out than originally anticipated. Parts of the floor need to come up in order to access the new frame work necessary to ensure her safety. At one point in the conversation he said to me..."It's not to late to sell her and make a bit of profit, just for cleaning her up" me, it would be like giving up a kid. No way José...I gave the green light and sent them full speed ahead.

Next steps...pulling up the floor, buying new "channel" aluminum, replacing the back "trunk" (a make shift tool box that was once made from steel, that will be remade into aluminum, making it less heavy,) power washing the exterior, trying to pry off the covers of the water, power & waste hook ups..must get a lock smith involved, needs keys!

On a good note...the awning is in impeccable condition. The ombre light blue to teal hues are stunning and made all the rust worries vanish. It even has an adorable, completely in tact scalloped edge...I was thrilled!!!

Let's see what this week will have in store for Miss Amelia & me?

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