Friday, August 13, 2010

Vintage SALE (& design update)

During the process of researching for the Miss Amelia's transformation I have come across vintage reference left and right.

I meant to post this ad during the month of July, but cest la vie, mid-August isn't so bad. I just love that they were positioning the campers big summer SALE!!! Everyone loves a sale, right?

As an update Amelia is still at the "doctors" getting a major overall. Come to find out the floor was more rotted than anticipated, so add new sub floors to the list of repairs.

I've been traveling for work and have been influenced by these incredible southern homes, I think I've decided not to do the interiors in navy, white and yellow but instead replace the navy with a crisp stone gray. Hable Construction and Angela Adams are selling some amazing yellow and white fabrics which I'd like to explore. Also, I ordered some great formica samples, I'm thinking of lining the walls with a white, textured formica product. I have so many fun design possibilities available since it's such a ity bity space, the possibilities are endless!

Enjoy the ad...stay tuned for a construction, design update soon!

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  1. can't wait to read more and see this trailer in person.